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Tom Jordan Demo's

Check out K-BULL 98FM Tom & Tanner!

Tom Jordan (solo) XL Country 2:00 Audio Aircheck:

From the XL Country ON-LINE STREAM

Here's a clip of a newscast (yes Tom was the news guy each day too!)

Everyone loves free stuff, right? How about a free danish?

Here's a listener phone bit with Erica and me about the likes and dislikes of Mayo and Miracle Whip!

Who likes MAYO and who likes MIRACLE WHIP?

Here's a bit we did about the sexiness of a girl when she lowers her voice...only Erica couldn't!

Erica tries to lower her voice

Here's a bit that almost proves Tom is really Joe Dirt!

Is Tom really Joe Dirt?

Commercial Production, here's a short sample:

Hear Toms Commercial Production Here

Character Voice Production Click the Ol' COWBOY:

Video Commercial Production, Here's a WEBCAST spot: (SLOW TO LOAD)

Smile you're on Tom Webcast

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