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Since I've been involved with broadcasting, I have gained considerable knowledge of FCC Rules & Regulations, Labor/Wage & Hour Regulations, people management, general business practices, music applications, formatics, research techniques, Arbitron applications, sales, and promotions. I have been involved with Country, CHR, Oldies, A-C and Block Formats. I have been a General Manager/Sales Manager, Operations Manager, Program Director, Music Director, News Director, Chief Engineer, Promotions Director, and Public Affairs Director. I am loyal to the person and company for whom/which I work. I pride myself in my work ethics, and deal in both quantity and quality of work. I consider myself a successful motivator, delegator and cheerleader, planner and activator.


All types of research should be employed: call-outs, market studies, etc. These should be used on a regular and on-going basis. Call-out research should be used for more than just music. Questions on contests, promotions, prizes, personalities, sales, etc., should also be utilized. As with anything else, the research must be combined with one's own experiences and 'gut-feel' to decide which plan of action to take.


As with research, all types of advertising should be used to promote the station once a study of the market is done. Some cities do not have buses for billboards, others may not have great television viewership. These things must be known in advance. Air personalities should have maximum visibility in public. (Concerts, clubs, grand openings, public service organizations, etc.) Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and blogging engage listeners and make them feel as if they become "a close personal friend". Social networking is a powerful tool for advertising and promoting the essential "word-of-mouth". Station imaging is top priority, an on-going daily effort to define stationality. Contests and promotions should exemplify the fun, excitement, and direction of the station and the wants and needs of the listener.


I believe in weekly air-check sessions with the air personalities, unless circumstances dictate otherwise. I don't believe in hand-holding a personality, but I am not a dictator. Air personalities, as well as all station personnel, should know the direction of the station and the goals, and should strive to reach the goals in the direction decided upon. People should be rewarded for their good work. I strive to work with nice people and to work with only the best. I am not afraid to pit my station against any other.


This position would:

1) Act as a buffer between the staff and the General Manager.
2) Implement program plans as an aide to General Manager and to provide follow-through in getting those in place.
3) Develop motivational sessions and develop incentives for programming and support personnel.

The basic day-to-day operation of the station can be channeled through this position, and have weekly meetings with the General Manager. If this position can help save time and allow the General Manager to devote more time to the community, sales, and industry needs, then this would allow the General Manager to more rapidly move the station in a forward direction.

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