The Photos! Page Five
tanya and martin...together forever...dream on martin
Citadel Reno Chief Engineer Martin Stabbert and Tanya Tucker at the K-BULL 98FM Reno Rodeo Kickoff Concert in 1993!

steve and tanya...together forever...dream on steve
K-BULL 98FM Midday Personality Steve West with Tanya Tucker!

a younger and more viral guy
K-BULL 98FM Morning Man JJ Christy back when his hair was alive and short and neat... and he has no wrinkles!/circa 1989-90

back when dan was running the show, hmm is he doing his tom jordan impression?
Former K-BULL 98FM Program Director Dan Mason doing what Dan did best...stretch!/circa 1989-90

look mom, bullshit stacked higher than me!
K-BULL 98FM Program Director Tom Jordan proving that "they" do stack it deep and cheap!/circa 1990

tom on stage at baldinis without a drink
Tom Jordan bringing on yet another performance of Stew Stewart!

don't even ask if this is the night after of the night before!
Tom and more need be said.....

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