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tom mark jj
K-BULL 98FM's Tom Jordan, Mark Chesnutt, JJ Christy in Reno 1992

wow tom i've never seen one this long before! look ma no hands
At a Bull event, Brooks O'Brian shows the crowd exactly how the "barrel race" contest will work by demonstrating on Tom with a freshly squeezed lime!

from the front
BNA Recording artist Jessie Hunter. Hmmm, where the hell is he these days? Writing songs in Nashville, no doubt!
from the back
Look at these two Ya-Hoo's! Hair Hair, everywhere!

doing what I used to do best
MMMMMMM! Good Beer! Must of been wet.

just holding

One of my favorite pix, minus one female! ;-)~~~! Surrounded by beautiful females!
angela, tammy, denise, and YUCKIE
Las Vegas Caesars Palace 1996

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