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C'mon guys shoot the damn picture!  We need more beer!
Chris Le Doux, The Chairman, and Tom at the Citadome in Big Fork, Montana 7/98

after Tom has more beer he gets friendlier...and friendlier...and...nice outfit Jordan!
Meanwhile, back inside the Citadome, somewhere half past a six pack
Henry Paul/lead singer of Blackhawk and Tom share a touching moment,
scant moments after shooting several shots of tequila! 7/98

why is Jordan's mouth always in the same position?
More Citadome action with Arista Records Northwest Rep Jon Conlon, New Artist Shannon Brown, Tom, and West Coast Rep "The Queen" Lori Hartigan!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, looking out the Citadome back door at The Chairman's beautiful back yard, life just goes on...

now if they hold that pose just a couple more seconds I can sneak up and pinch their butts!
New Warner Brothers Records Artist Chad Brock stopped by K-BULL 98FM for a fun visit with Tom (and Chuck Reeves sneakin' up behind...)

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